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Color in Natural Colored Diamonds

05/13/2020 12:11:49 In Finding Color in each Facet
color diamond
The origin, formation and rarity of a natural color diamond. Colored diamonds come from various parts of the world like Western Australia.

Why Pink Diamonds are so Rare and Expensive?

05/06/2020 22:17:21 In Finding Color in each Facet
World's ninety percent of pink diamonds come from a single mine in Kimberly region of Western Australia called the Argyle Color Diamond Mines

Are yellow diamonds more expensive?

01/28/2018 03:47:54 In Finding Color in each Facet
yellow diamond, prices, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, fancy light yellow, fancy vivid yellow, diamond price per carat, diamond rings
A 1 carat Y-Z diamond costs around $2000-$2500.
A 1 carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond (Canary Diamond) costs between $5000-$7000.

Instagram Updates

08/04/2016 02:02:24 In Finding Color in each Facet
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