Why Pink Diamonds are so Rare and Expensive?

The Supply and Demand of Pinks


Supply of Pink Diamonds 

World's ninety percent of pink diamonds come from a single mine in Kimberly region of Western Australia. So much so that the mine has created its own brand identity and is popularly known as Argyle. Unfortunately, Argyle's color diamond reservoir is depleting quite rapidly. According to Bloomberg, the mine is down to its last 150 carats of polished pink diamonds. The mine is scheduled to close its operations in the near future with the official date set for sometime next year.  

And their demand

It is thus quite evident that pink diamonds are rare. However the demand of these diamonds are also shooting up with each celebrity endorsement and as more consumers become aware of these natural beauties prices are bound to go higher. Although the desirability of all the pink diamonds is not equal, it is still safe to say that their prices will only go in one direction.