Fancy  Bands
Colorstar Fancy Color Diamond Ring

Fancy Band Collection

Beautifully hand created fancy diamond bands are for most occasions. 

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Pink Diamond
Colorstar Fancy Pink Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond Collection

If you love pink, you will love our pink diamond collection. As if the one in a million odds of a diamond was not enough - each of the gems are hand picked and selected by our experts to give you the best of the best.

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Yellow Diamond Collection

Yellow is a symbol of happiness and joy and all the great things sunshine brings in our lives. Yellow Diamonds are just like the ray of sun capsuled in a diamond to bring everlasting joy in your lives.

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Yellow Diamond
Colorstar Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Rose Cut Diamond Collection

Rose cut diamonds are the retro diamonds that are back in vogue for their elegant looks. 

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Rose Diamond
Colorstar Rose Cut Diamond Ring